Hotel Mogul

Hotel Mogul

This game of hotels challenge your business skills and entrepreneur talent
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This video game challenges your business skills and entrepreneur vision that allows to help Lynette to become a successful hotel mogul, with your support she must recover the family business from her abusive husband.

The main goal is to gain profits, to do so you have to acquire properties, build hotel infrastructure, develop attractions and sell properties inside a great variety of atmospheres (forests, hills, lakes, beaches, rivers, deserts and snow mountains).

There are thirty-five levels, each one places you in a different location, to advance from one level to another you have to achieve some specific goals (like building new structures and owning existing places).

At the end of a completed level, you get a score and a rank based on your performance, the rank is represented by stars of different colors (gold for the expert rank, silver for the gamer rank, etc.). There are some awards as well, that you can get: hotel mogul, business shark, connoisseur of art, gold mechanic, gold constructor, silver constructor, bronze constructor, ring of management, top manager, gold banker, silver banker and bronze banker.

You have a shop, where you can buy infrastructure in three different categories: hotels, commercial decoration and services.

To administrate the hotel company, you must take in count your resources in the bank account, your income, number of guests, time, prices of materials, repairs, workers salaries.

It´s very easy to play this game, you can use only the mouse and you have tutorials that guide you step by step.

Ulises Goytortua
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